Ascend : Your Digital Learning Companion

The ability to manage yourself and the people around you are skills critical to today’s collaborative work environment. As someone about to join the workforce for the first time, an individual contributor in the early stages of your career or a first-time manager, you have two things in common with people who frequent this page: you’re ambitious and your jobs and responsibilities will constantly change.

This creates a need to constantly upskill and stay abreast with new management ideas and well-tested advice. HBR Ascend will help bridge the gap between your ambition and jobs you undertake to fulfill that ambition. It offers clear, practical advice centered around skills most critical to your success such as Managing Your Career, Communicating, Thinking Like a Leader, etc. Under each skill you will find thoughtfully curated articles, tools, and videos that have been contextualized to address the unique needs of Indian users.

The content can be accessed whenever you have a few minutes to spare. It is perfect for those long commutes, a quick prep before an important meeting, or those short breaks at work.

Get to learn from thought leaders, practitioners, and academicians who excel in their field. We’re keeping an eye out on the secrets of success for you, so keep coming back regularly to #UpYourGameAtWork.