Working Smarter


Working Smarter

"Work smarter, not harder" is easier said than done. From running better meetings to navigating office politics, here's real advice for you.

Being Productive

Constant distractions can take you away from your work and impact productivity. Here are ways to fight back, remain focused and be productive at work.

Business Basics

Everything boils down to the basics. Learn concrete tips about planning projects, working with a team, and brush up on business basics.

Business Writing & Email

Improve your email writing skills with helpful business email examples. We've got tips how to write a professional email & navigating email etiquette, too.

Decision making

Decisions are a fundamental cornerstone of any project. Who decides what? What if a decision is difficult? Let's understand the art of decision making.

Difficult Conversations

Don't avoid difficult conversations at work. Confront constructively using these tips and navigate difficult conversations in a respctful way.


Good meetings are productive tools and poor meetings are time-wasting drags. Which would you rather run? Learn how to manage a meeting like a pro.


Are you experiencing a difficult situation with a colleague or boss? Learn the art of negotiation to devise a solution that's mutually beneficial.

Office Politics

Everyone deals with office politics, but it's the select few that can skillfully survive it. Read on for secrets to winning at office politics.


Are your presentations compelling? Learn the art of presenting in front of an audience, making presentations that can persuade, and lead your audience to action.

Working with Your Boss

Frustrated with moments of conflict, confusion, or disagreement with your boss? Foster a productive relationship with your boss using these tips.

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