Are your presentations compelling? Learn the art of presenting in front of an audience, making presentations that can persuade, and lead your audience to action.


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Presentation Tools That Go Beyond “Next Slide Please”

The hegemony of PowerPoint is over.

Three Elements of Great Communication, According to Aristotle

The first master of the art believed in ethos, pathos, and logos.

For Better Presentations, Start with a Villain

Then add a victim. Then be the hero.

A Presentation Isn’t Always the Right Way to Communicate

Sometimes you just need to start a conversation.

Conquer Your Nerves Before Your Presentation

They're natural, but you don't have to be captive to them.

What to Do With Your Hands When Speaking

Do what comes naturally to you.

In Presentations, Learn to Say Less

Imagine you had only 30 seconds to make your point.

When Did Yoda Start Writing CEO Speeches?

The “backloaded business sentence” must. Go. Away.

Explainer: 3 Steps to Better Presentation Visuals

Plan it out with sticky notes.

Finding the Right Metaphor for Your Presentation

It's worth the effort, because it provides a shortcut to understanding.

What I Learned Watching 150 Hours of TED Talks

The most popular talks shared three common attributes.

The Best Lecture I’ve Ever Heard

If you say too much, you don't say anything.

To Persuade People, Trade PowerPoint for Papier-Mâché

The most effective presentations are interactive.

Dos and Don’ts: How to Give a Great Presentation, Every Time

It all starts with preparation.

How to Present to a Small Audience

Be thoughtful and strategic.

Tip: Create Slides People Will Remember

Avoid PowerPoint hell.

Your Presentation Needs a Punch Line

And other public speaking tips from a comedian.

A Checklist for More Persuasive Presentations

Ask yourself these questions.

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